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He fixes things that need to be fixed and doesn't do things that I don't need. Mercedes repair wilmington nc. He has sense been willing to help me over the phone to resolve issues that come up, unrelated to the work he did.

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I finally found Mike at Valley Wagon Works and he knew exactly what I needed. The CV joints where all bad and needed replacing with new brake pads and rotors, the muffler was cracked and leaking.

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Outstanding individual and very giving of his time and expertise, especially when he knows I live in another State and he is not getting the benefit of doing the work on my vehicle, even when giving me free advice over the phone. You get what you pay for, and when money counts, Europro makes you feel good about the effort and the result. They do nice work, and unlike most of the other shops, they know the camper side of things too. He either needs more experience or is held to a lower standard by the shops restrictions. My wife's family always took their VW's there, and now that we have our own Vanagon, he is the only one I will trust with it.

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Had my bus fixed, learned some things and super fair pricing. Only concern I had was that I was so clueless about the van that if they wanted to they could really take advantage me and give me a huge checklist. Fortunately, when their "repair" let go on the return trip, we were just outside of Eureka. They have done a few engine service jobs on my Eurovan Winebago this year, and a good job at it. Auto seat repair kit. The price was reasonable and the inspection was both honest and thorough. I mentioned to him that we found him through this road haus website. He is extremely knowledgeable, and has lots of experience working on Vanagons. As far as i know they are the only shop that works on aircooled models in santa cruz. Although there we a lot of shops in the Bay Area, I knew Van-Cafe from my previous parts orders and I knew they are tops in customer service. The air never worked and I could not find another mechanic who could fix it. My camper ran perfectly the entire trip back and continues to do so.

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Terrible vibration when I drove away-pulled over and checked the driveshaft-ALL the bolts were loose. I did not have the work done, when I got it home I checked under the front end and nothing was disintegrating but the Tie Rod ends rubber components.

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He took a look at it and figured out what was wrong.

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BUT he has sold the shop and moved to a shop in Berkeley. He's honest, considerate, and is King VW as far as knowledge and experience. He is extremely skilled, his prices very reasonable, and his work is impeccable. These guys did my inevitable head seal replacement for an OK price. Ken told me to bring it in first thing this morning as I am only in town for a couple days. Did a nice job in diagnosing cause of why a brand new battery had failed in my old VW Eurovan: Another shop had suggested it needed a new alternator. Turned out it is a full repair shop, and Bony and his head mechanic each own one of the Vanagons outside. I found Mike's VW shop on this webpage and called him to check him out. They helped me prioritize short-term and long-term repairs, with reasonable prices for parts and labor. Chris critiqued the entire car before he started the work on the initial problem the car experienced and let me know what the car's bones were like. Very friendly staff, very clean and organized shop. They are very friendly and know their stuff, but the place is a mess. He is a super nice guy that you can easily chat with about recent travels to the quirky idle control valves. Joe's had lots of boating experience, so he put in an awesome marine-type system with an A/B switch. He has operated and co-managed the annual "Syncro De Mayo" at Hollister Hills. WOW! in my book that is the sign of a great mechanic. It's always nice to have someone to call and bounce ideas off of. Jim works alone and has always been finished with repairs when promised. I had to wait for the repair since I was on the road, and Joe bumped me to the head of the line. He also was condescending and challenged that his mechanic wired the fans backward or didn't install them correctly. These Guys are great! George and perry were trip savers. Here is my experience: Chip is not the most personable character, but I can totally deal with that. The folks at Kombi Haus have always been willing to take a second look at their work or to walk me through their repairs. even the ones that the previous owner had said were unfixable and came with a vehicel of that age.

But he can't seem to keep mechanics who also know their stuff. One more time, I contacted Pop Top Heaven in Yucaipa and was directed to this site. Then, in Crescent City, we stalled out and could not get any mechanic shop to help. No BS results in decent turnaround time at a fair price. Nicholas bought the shop from Tom when he retired about seven years ago. The prices are always fair and its easy to reach Ed, the owner/technician, by phone

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