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Auto Glass Repair We pride ourselves in offering very competitive pricing and highest level of quality. During the belt installation we found the original problem with the broken air pump belt, the air pump was actually frozen and would not turn. Diagnosis: Dead battery and engine ran out of gas, customer drained the battery while attempting to start the engine. In the meantime, Walter, the owner, introduced himself and Hugo notified us that my oil is low. But most of all, to perform accurate fuel flow tests using the pulser and your fuel gauge.

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Repair: None, I have advised the customer to not repair the engine, this car was not worth the money it would have cost to repair it. Next step was to check for spark, I checked for spark at the spark plug as usual, spark test good.

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We fix all cars, but we specialize in Lexus, Mercedes, Jaguar and Land Rover. Is it possible for you to repair my vehicle today while I am at work. If you want to save some money on your transmission repair, you will need to do some research. We offer auto repair West Palm Beach, FL services to the West Palm Beach, Florida community including brakes, tune ups, and any other West Palm Beach, FL auto repair services your car might need. He showed me that one of my shocks was mushy, but said I should go to the dealer because my car is under warranty.

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He then brought the car down, and without my asking he gave my engine the once-over. These probes are different than the other probe we also manufacture in that the were created for today's COP systems, are way more sensitive and have COP signal filtering in them. 

 Thank you Walter and the Right Solution crew for being there for us people who don’t know anything about cars. Repair: Remove and install customer supplied starter, after installing the starter the vehicle had the same no start problem, the starter made a grinding noise when you held the ignition key and tumbler in the crank position. The Zapper coil testing bed and pulser allows testing of COP or Coil On Plug, DIS, Distributor Coils, Coil Packs and any other coil system. Walter is unique though.
 I’ve never been to a mechanic that approached repairs in this fashion. I then removed the spark plugs for inspection, spark plugs were gas fouled and the engine combustion chambers were severely flooded. Caroline Tire provides quality automotive products and services to customers in West Palm Beach, FL and Lake Worth, FL. Caroline Tire is the leading seller in West Palm Beach, FL for these tire brands MICHELIN®, BFGoodrich® and Goodyear and offers some great discounts on them.

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Repair lawn mower engine. The customer asked me to meet his other crew the next day so I could inspect the other RV, the other RV had the exact same problem. Hugo put my Audi up on the rack and then personally walked me through the underside of my car and explained that I absolutely did not need new brakes at all.

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When he attached the negative battery cable end to the battery the post protector would not allow a proper connection. Walter called me the next morning with a full inspection completed and diagnosis of all the problems. The unit has a very accurate internal current circuit. This is a repair that is to large to be perform in the field. The customer will order a new air pump and said he would call me back to complete repairs. Repair: Install new battery and clean battery cable ends. He identified the problem, EXPLAINED the problem and how needs to be repaired.

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Every time I get an oil change, they top off all my fluids and give me a run down of my car’s health. Repair: None, this was a diagnosis only, I am not sure if the vehicle was ever repaired. Repair: None, with the millage on this vehicle I could not recommend any repairs at this time, customer will start looking for another vehicle to purchase. The truck I was working on had a forty foot box on the back and served as his mobile shop traveling from Alaska to California for decades, the back of the truck had every piece of dive equipment needed to work under water including his own hyperbaric chamber, he passed away a few weeks later, RIP Mr. Walter and his staff are so professional and honest they are a pleasure to do business with. Diagnosis: Unfortunately, when the customer replaced his battery he neglected to remove the negative battery post protector. Our Lake Worth, Florida location offers many Lake Worth, FL tires that are affordable and other Lake Worth, FL tire services for your car. Either way, it works the exact same way, by outputting a signal proportional to the current flowing in the circuit Here are some recent symptoms, diagnosis, and repairs that I have completed, the vehicles are listed in alphabetical order for your convenience. Repair: None, customer will call at a later date to have me complete the required preventive maintenance at his home. Repair: Installed five gallons of gas and start the engine. Repair: None, customer will purchase a new vehicle. Diagnosis: Defective fuel pump module, the first test was checking for spark at one of the spark plugs, I always perform my ignition spark test downstream at the spark plug itself, this quickly test the coil, distributor cap & rotor, and ignition cable to the plug, spark test was good. is really Mitchell On Demand with a consumer style interface.

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 In any case, this is a highly regarded place to take your Saab, especially if you’re a little bit of a gearhead and enjoy learning a bit more about your car.

Am surprised a bit by the handful of negative reviews here–but the shop does have an unusual feel and style. The software allows you to do activation, voltage, current, resistance, fast pulsing for cleaning and lots of other diagnostic schemes we included in the software.

Customer was charged one hour of labor for each RV. He insists on spending extensive time going over your car with you, foot by foot. The human mind can understand a graphic representation much better than waves and numbers. I asked the customer if he had the original alarm remote, the customer thought about it for a few seconds and then said it was upstairs. Give Caroline Tire a call to schedule an appointment today! You’ll find in-depth information, technical service bulletins, code definitions and step-by-step tests, and easy-to-understand wiring diagrams, along with descriptions of how the systems work. Next step was to check the fusible links at the starter relay, this is when I found the problem a broken battery cable eyelet at the starter relay. I have been calling around to all the parts stores and cannot find a replacement part, the dealer can only sell me the complete wire harness. He encourages you to shop online for parts and bring the parts to him or even buy secondhand. When you are ready to get an estimate, you will simply, need to walk in and explain the repairs you need

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