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CLUB EVOLUTION provides our customers peace of mind if anything were to happen. I hope that helps you understand a little bit more about wheels.  If you have any questions, please send me an email to and I will do my best to answer your question. We specialise in repairing cosmetic damage to alloy wheels.

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I liked that the ride height was stock, the ride was smooth, the turn in was brisk, and even when pushing the tires past their limits the car stayed neutral, predictable and safe.  All our technicians are qualified spray painters and are constantly being refreshed with the latest techniques and materials to ensure you get the best in service with your alloy wheel repairs. Thank you!       BTW - The car rides and handles better than it did with the original suspension. We set out to engineer an Allroad suspension system that produces a first-rate sport feel. Because we didn't have access to a diagnostic tool, we didn't attempt to recode the ECU. Eliminate issues with Allroad suspension air compressor continuously running. We wish to thank all of our loyal customers for their continued support Either way our state-of-the-art alloy wheel repair equipment will repair the cosmetic damage your alloy wheel has suffered. Maintains your vehicle’s original factory paint finish so you don’t have to worry about mismatched paint. One that is perfect for the comfort of everyday driving, yet hugs the curves of the track or the winding roads of your own neighborhood. They are dedicated to getting you back on the road with wheels that look, feel and function like they should.

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I just wanted to thank you and Heath for the work done this weekend – Both wheels he worked on look GREAT! And I love it! Let’s hope that when I lend my car to someone again, that the wheels don’t get curbed, but if they do, you’ll be the first guys I call. The painted or powder coated wheels can be repaired on site with colour matching usually done by eye.  The shadow chrome colour is the most difficult to match, as the colour varies from wheel to wheel, even for the same wheel. This levelpositionsthe tires in such a way that the foot print of the with the road. This system provides a definitive feel and clear-cut reliability, without the harsh aggressiveness often associated with some aftermarket sport suspension setups.       Then I rode in your Allroad on the track at Road America. We will recommend you highly to everyone for any and all of their Audi and Volkswagen needs. Seattle auto repair. We're confident our customers will be pleased with the high quality of BLAU® brandname products including our new Audi Allroad suspension conversion kit. I wanted a bit better performance than the stock air ride. The ride height was a little too low and the ride a little too stiff. If you choose a particular level and the light continues to blink, this may indicate that the compressor is worn out and cannot generate enough CFM to raise the vehicle high enough to reach the setting. Business or private clients…plus accident repair centres. Chrome wheels unfortunately cannot be repaired at all.  This is because car wheels cannot be re-chromed in Australia.  There are a number of chrome paint products on the market, however, none of them really provide a good consistent repair quality finish. BLAU® Audi Allroad Conversion Suspension Kit Cost Effective Replacement Solution There are a number of advantages to switching over to a simpler BLAU® conventional coil spring and shock setup rather than having an OE pneumatic air system. We’re always happy to accept your call or email for any questions you may have about damage to your vehicle. Yes, we have expert mobile technicians, ready to repair your wheel at your home or office, in these major cities. When the first air bag started to leak, I went to a coilover setup. Some of the cars we service: “Damaged Alloy Wheels Made to Look Like New…with the Work Completed at Location on Schedule.” Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Central Coast and Newcastle That’s right…at The Wheel Man we come to you with our state-of-the-art alloy wheel repair equipment. For all your wheel painting and repair requirements mag wheel repairs. Your car could lose its original paint finish if not cared for properly by experienced technicians. The Wheel Man is now operating in SYDNEY, MELBOURNE, CENTRAL COAST, NEWCASTLE, CANBERRA, ADELAIDE, BRISBANE and also the beautiful Wollongong and Nowra areas. See below for popular makes and models we regularly work on. Allroad air suspension compressor continuously running.

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Our Guarantee Your satisfaction is the basis of our We’ll work on your wheel until you tell us it’s ‘like new’. We have a long list of clients across different sectors who return time and time again because they know they can rely on our high-quality service. The optimal wheel camber alignment allows for maximum tire performance and longevity. All prices are in USD and are applicable to the United States of America only With manufacturer recommended parts used. We are able to work on all makes and models. Toyota auto repair.

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Our competitors may offer similar services for dent removal in Melbourne, but we pride ourselves on continually pushing ourselves to provide you with the absolute best quality service at a very fair, affordable price.

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There’s no need to sit for hours in a dingy waiting area sipping bad coffee. However, this tool cannot tell you if there are air leaks within the system, since the air lines and suspension air bags are not electrical components. Jeep zipper repair kit. Air bag suspension systems have been referred to as "high maintenance." Many owners become frustrated when they begin to experience issues with their Allroad suspension system and realize the high cost of replacement parts and labor. Your passion for your car demands the perfection our service delivers. Eliminate issues with Allroad suspension air lines leaking. BLAU® Audi Allroad suspension kit completely converts the existing pneumatic air system with a conventional coil spring and shock absorber setup.  The Wheelman is one of very few alloy wheel repairers with our own lathe and spray booth, so we’ll always offer both types of repair and leave the choice with you. Our wealth of experience dates back nearly two decades, so if you’re looking for a team of specialists with proven expertise in the repair of bent and buckled steel and alloy wheels, contact us today. Some small dent repair costs are greater than our PDR method Please be advised that LiteSpeed Technologies Inc. Anywhere in the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Nowra/Wollongong areas…we’ll come to you to fix your alloy wheels. Repair a dent with our insurance industry approved services. We knew we'd have the same issue with this car but we learned that conversions were available. You’re delighted with the result – to the point where you can’t wait to show your ‘new’ wheels to fellow car enthusiasts. You'll have to find the air leaks yourself, which isn't always easy. Polished finish, where the wheel is fully polished and usually has no clear coat. Machined or diamond cut.  This is where the wheel is painted and then the face is machined or diamond cut.  The wheel is clear coated to protect the machined face.

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Our service is typically less expensive than ‘traditional’ solutions to wheel damage. Our experienced dent puller team is dedicated to achieving the best results and getting you back on the road and stress-free as soon as possible. The wheels and tires stay on your vehicle at all times. During air system operation the pressure fitting isn't able to hold the plastic air tubing properly, causing a leak. John has revolutionised alloy wheel repair services in Australia by launching The Wheel Man system. Once your technician has completed the suspension coil spring conversion, the Allroad will sit at the position

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