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The "kolibri" batteries used in the design are so compact that the vehicle retains its four seats and boot space. We have also had minor body work done including re-painting scratches and pulling out bumper dents. Punch riveting, bonding or laser-MIG hybrid welding replaced spot welding. Soft touch materials are used on the doors and contact areas in the centre console, though they have a tendency to wear over time, especially on the climate control keys. Sport models received sport seats with electrically adjustable lumbar support as standard in jacquard satin cloth. This information was released on condition that it was not for publication, so the full statistics are only available to members. All required items were checked/changed and they did everything for much less than my Chicago dealership quoted me. Its reduced weight helps it to use much less fuel than vehicles using traditional steel monocoques.


Behind it are the filling points for oil and screen wash fluid and the dipstick. "I highly recommend you to bring your car to this place. These brought colours which had only previously been available on S and RS models or as an Audi Exclusive option to the standard colour chart.

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The warning triangle and first aid kit are stowed directly to the left of the boot opening. There were no optional extras because optional equipment adds weight and therefore reduces economy. COMPANY OVERVIEW We can help you with everything from an oil change to an engine change. Due to the "sandwich"-type construction, similar again to that of the Renault Espace or the Mercedes A-Class, the floorpan has an upper and a lower portion. We can handle any problem on European and import vehicles. "The guys at Wizard Werks really took care of my BMW when it needed service, which was long overdue. I would highly recommend this place to any one who wants great service, honest value, and really great people." - John B. The rear seat belts have a clip in the upper section of the c-pillar, so that when the seats are folded and returned to their normal position, the belts do not get tangled. The vehicle was built by Audi's Aluminium and Lightweight Design Centre in Neckarsulm. Owners will not need to confirm their engine code or VIN #. ECO mode also activated the start/stop function, a feature that was new to European cars at the time. The avant-garde styling did not, however, win favour with some potential customers.

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Other repair specialisations are subject to denial on the part of Audi both in the UK and Germany, especially when dealing with Open Sky.

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Two versions of the car were available in Germany during its production run. The aluminium chassis is frequently written off by insurers due to the relative dearth of "aluminium specialists" - for example one in all of Scotland - and the training and experience required to repair the shell.

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Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of automotive services. The front of the car included an unusual design feature called the "Serviceklappe" in German - this translates to "service hatch" or "service panel". "I have taken several of the family cars here for the past several years and without exception the experiences have been outstanding. The car was praised for its design, build quality, performance, and all-wheel drive system, and is favorably viewed by the majority of the motoring press. An electric motor is transversely mounted at the front of the vehicle, the electric motor delivers through the front wheels and uses a single-speed transmission. Individual options were also available such as vivid yellow, red or blue seats, steering wheels, gear lever, handbrake lever and door armrests. The car had an automated manual transmission with a Tiptronic mode on the selector. To improve the weight distribution of the vehicle, its battery is located inside the boot, under the floor. The rear passengers also benefit, as their foot space reaches into this sandwich space, creating a comfortable seating position even for tall rear seat passengers.

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Yes, it’s a great car to look at, sit in and touch, but it’s also a riot to drive". I think I have found my go-to place for oil changes, maintenance checks and all other automotive repair needs." - Owais R. The outer panels of the body have little or no structural function - similarities exist with the original Renault Espace - and the space frame bears the forces working on the car. This is in direct contrast to the comfort available on the rear bench of an A-Class. Styling packages includes black or matt aluminum look.

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The space in the middle is used to house various components, such as the fuel tank and the engine's electronics. The place is always clean, the guys seem to care what you are telling them and it is full of BMW, Mercedes, Land Rovers and other foreign cars and I always feel safe leaving our cars there. However it can be changed easily, so it should not be taken as a reliable age indicator. This place operates at the highest standards of quality with the best customer service in town." - Renee C. This kit is for owners with the AEB or ATW engine codes. North coast auto repair. The new front end includes pronounced air inlets, revamped grilles and flat fog lights. All services are performed by highly qualified technicians. Thanks guys! You and your team rock!" - Google User "They did a great job repairing a damaged rocker bottom panel on my VW GTI.

The headrests also do not need to be removed from the rear seats when they are folded, and a four-seater can have the rear seats removed in a matter of seconds. CAN-BUS is used for the OBD systems, as required by EU Regulations. It is also usually welded with TIG welding which is a higher skill process than MIG welding that is commonly used with steel. The timing belt, timing belt tensioner, damper, and hardware contained in this BASE kit are the same as those directly supplied to VAG Many initial reviews, including those from and in the UK commented on the design. Certain dealerships, such as the mentioned Autohaus Rinner in Bad Tölz in southern Germany, have specialised in roof repairs and replacements

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