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A shock is normally just the damper so they don't have spring perches - again, shocks don't have spring perches so changing shocks will not change ride height. It's not as good because you stress the axle under large angles and let it hang down, but I had to get the car done so I just moved ahead. Don't remove them until the car is safely lifted and secured on jack stands. Sway bars connect the left and right side of the transmission and reduce "sway" or side-side leaning. This article is not a substitute for the factory service manual or the services of a professional mechanic. Old tires may have uneven wear or hardened rubber which reduces ride quality. Once the axle is out, support it with string or wire. There's a slight chance of deforming the wheel bearing splines or the threads in the axle but if you have to get it out, you have to get it out. I initially installed one the wrong way and it didn't feel any different during the test drive and after I fixed it. You have to slide it out and the PB Blaster needs time to soak. If your car is old and the plastic is dried out, you may want to remove the cowl to avoid cracking it. Here's a video summarizing the procedure - please read this entire article for details and updates! If you need to remove the axle for some other reason like to replace the wheel bearing or axle, spray it with PB Blaster, let it soak, and remove the transaxle end of the axle. This is what VW uses and it's called a McPherson strut. If they're being used for racing but you still need to drive the car on the street, they can be paired with anti roll bars and a stiffer damper. Insert the strut spreader at the yellow arrow and turn it with a wrench to pry apart the strut cup. You need the suspension to be able to move while you work on it. Koni reds on full soft are about the same as new stock shocks.

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The reason I didn't want lowering springs is because I didn't want to reduce ground clearance and these are the only choices for a stiffer spring at about stock ride height. A symptom of bad sway bar bushings is a clunking noise from the front when you go over small bumps and potholes. Again, on the driver's side you probably have to pull the axle all the way out, on the pass side you may only have to push it halfway out. Drive around for a day to let the suspension settle and then get an alignment. It's a comfortable spring rate that you can fine tune with damper and wheel/tire choices. Then chock the wheels, apply the parking brake, and make sure the car is safe and secure before working on it! Never get under the car while it's supported by hydraulic jacks since these can fail - these are for raising the car only. You could just blip it off with an impact wrench but you can't use this method to tighten the nut or else it will crack the strut bearing. Recall Date Description Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. Use some wood or something to help pad the end of your hammer or socket. In theory, sway bars won't stiffen the up-down suspension motion if both left and right go up and down at the same rate. Now remove the upper connection that's holding the strut assembly from falling out. This sensor is how the headlights self level - if you lower the car you'll have to reset it with vag com later.

They must be in the same position on the new spring. "Can't help it method" - this method is not as good because it stresses the axles - there is a possibility of damage to the cv joints. If they're rusted like mine, spray some PB Blaster on the threads to help lubricate them and loosen them up. On the driver's side, the axle needs to come out to get enough clearance. Insert the strut spreader and use a rubber hammer to hit the spring perch up. Use a puller to get the wipers off their splines - it's very difficult to pull them off by hand. If you don't have a spring compressor, they can be loaned at many auto parts stores for free. Here you can see the bottom of the strut once it's been pulled out of the hub. Also refer to the Rear suspension install DIYShine racing springsMy replacement springs were the street springs from Shine racing, available from In a lower-speed crash situation, the air bag control unit software may deploy the passenger frontal air bag improperly if the front seat passenger is sitting on the edge of the seat or is laying in the seat with the seat reclined. If your car is equipped with self leveling HIDs, and you lowered the car or replaced the bushings, use a vag-com to reset it. The koni yellows are a sport ride and comparable to the bilstein HD. Drive around for a day to let the suspension settle in before alignment. I trimmed the black plastic portion so the boot wouldn't be as stretched. Try not to hit it hard with metal since this can deform the axle or damage the hub splines. A strut is a damper that replaces the upper suspension arm and normally carries the spring on a perch.

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Open the hood and pull the plastic cowling up without removing it from the car.   You will be redirected to myCarForum to perform this function The procedure is the same on Sportwagen and Rabbit, GTI, or GLI.Introduction Shocks/struts, springs, and other suspension bushings and mounts were not meant to last forever.

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I suggest spraying it with some PB Blaster and letting soak to loosen the bond and lubricate the splines. Knock the lower strut boot holder thingy off the old strut and tap it onto your new strut. Meanwhile, the grille is broader and features sharper contours DOWNLOAD Search Motor DirectoryProduct Guide Joint membership: You may login to sgCarMart using your myCarForum username/email & password. Los angeles auto repair. In other words, the coil end should fit against a stop. If you switched to liquid shocks, check for pooled or a noticeable amount of liquid around the shock piston which indicates bad shock seals. Here's another idea - two nuts tightened against each other can counterhold the shaft but my strut did not have enough threads to do this and I had the tools. With this method, first disconnect the sway bar links from the struts on both sides. And you have to cut flat spots for a wrench into the side to hold it. But because they're soft, combined with soft springs and worn bushings, it can result in a poor ride. NOTE - The top mount has some stamped arrows that should be aligned with the direction of travel. You should now have enough clearance to pull the strut out of the hub. 2004 ford ranger repair manual. The springs carry the weight of the car and control ride height; the struts just dampen the motion. Golf also have less weight over the rear than sportwagen. If your car has an uncomfortable ride, once of the first places to look other than the shock is the tire. Making your own DIY strut spreader requires a grinder and a cheap adapter. The second bounce should be a lot smaller than the first. The last way to remove the strut is to compress the spring while it's still on the car.

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If you can see the metal piston, consider changing the boot because the boot serves to protect the seals from dirt. Here's a picture of the tool in use during assembly

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