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He and the finance manager did a great job helping me and my son through the purchase process. So, why take your car to the dealership when you can do the same repairs through MDH Motors, as our clientele grows we will expand our business into a full scale Asian & European Import Auto Center.

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Thank you guys so much for taking care of my vehicle really good in a couple of hours. Gus is the best man to get you into the car of your dreams. I will be contacting Manuel and Jose about a new Silverado since our Suburban is a joy to drivecand we are truly impressed. In addition, the after service follow up by calling them later in the day of their departure while they were on the road to be sure that everything was alright and that the brakes were functioning as they should in itself demonstrates the outstanding quality of your customer service. I don't had to worry about nothing even during my vacation. I was impressed, but when I took my vehicle for an oil change at Firestone services the following day, they noticed my valve cover of the engine very dirty and assumed the dealership had never touched and or replaced my valve cover gasket at all.

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The price was higher than with other mechanics, but I was willing to pay the extra fee, hoping I would avoid sabotage from other, less known companies; however I was wrong! Perfectly working windshield wipers, where recommended to be urgently replaced. Juan Luckert - Sales and Leasing Consultant - for his great and professional support in this process. Collision Repair Experts in Rhode Island and Massachusetts Quickly and Efficiently Restoring Your Vehicle to Better Than Pre-Loss Condition Lifetime Warranty You can rest assured our workmanship is guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle. Needless to say, I was a bit annoyed but Jorge was determined to make me a happy customer. I told him I couldn't come back until the following day. ayer mi mujer tubo que llamar una grua y cuando lleve el carro funcionaba bien estoy pasando un mal rato. Personalities and price do vary…even on the same car. Which clearly didn't happen if you continue reading after this point. I was told that I had to pay for it, when everything was fine before the tire change.It seems that the service department should be responsible as the sensor was fine before thy did the work. I will never go there again, and I don't recommend anyone to go there. I refused to go back to AutoNation, considering the lack of care, follow up, and responsibility of selling me the car. You are an outstanding example of what honesty and sincere appreciation of a customer means in business today. I called AutoNation and of course they can't do anything. I took it to the dealer again and they took another two days to fix it. When we went to see the car, he told me the car is in maintenance and he tried to show me other cars that are way more expensive and I am not interested to buy. He found me a beautiful car even better than I was expecting and at a great price. Oscar was very helpful, knew the ins and outs of the vehicles in the dealership, and answered all my questions in a timely and professional manner. The Sales Manager, Alain Joseph, was very easy to work with on financial terms. With the help of Winston, Danny and others, they all worked together as a team and were laser focused on helping me. He spoke to Ray and the General Manager who also came out to speak to me. I purchased the car a month ago and I am still receiving calls from both Ms. Came to this establishment because is closer to my house but I will return to the one in doral. The problem was when I took my car for the first courtesy maitenance service. At the end of the day they went out of their way to make me happy. He check the tire pressure he was on top of everything keeping me comfortable and updated on everything. After getting home, I realized the car had a small dent on the passenger side and I called Ms. I already knew what I was looking for after a search online.

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The finance manager was also great, also making the extra effort to make sure I got the best deal. Guaranteed auto repair. Love it that you made me a much better deal on the identical car than your competitor dealership offered, and I never told you what their deal was.

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They all worked together and I left with a new car. Jans Alvarez to anyone that is looking to buy a car at AutoNation.

Excellence auto repair. We are very pleased with the treatment and service which we received. Then after fixing that issue, they broke my sunroof and center console, which required me to go back. No one seems to care about a big company lije them selling new cars with mechanical problems. Arturo was the first salesman to contact me and did so by phone after my internet query so he really was on the ball and set up an appointment right away. He was very patient and helpful as I worked to unscrew the mess with the lost Wheel Locks. They also put misinformation on the forms by putting less miles on them which shortened the life of my warranty. If I take my self to the doctor cause my knee hurts they do everything possible to see where it is coming from and a solution. Auto repair woodland hills ca. He was very professional, and he knew how to deal with every step of the process. Your shop is top notch! Your staff is knowledgeable and skillful and I enjoyed working with you all. The General Manager Raul Gandarillas made sure the process was being handled professionally and made us feel like family. Keep up the Great work and look forward to doing business with you in the Future. Being my first car purchase I had heard horror stories about car dealers; AutoNation Chevrolet disproved all of these rumors. He answered all of my questions before, during and after my arrival to your store and he got me into the car I wanted. I will definitely recommend this dealership and go there for my next car. experience was good , but with the service department was horrible, I won't buy a car again in Autonation Chevrolet of Coral Gables. I made an appointment to go see the car, I meet with Mario in which he took me to test drive the Camaro SS in which I fell in love with. USUALLY YOU WOULD GO INTO A CAR DEALER AND EXPECTED TO BE ATTACKED BY SHARKS. Thank goodness my Husband and I came prepared and chose to purchase a scanner to check for any mechanical issues on the car. I loved how they were kind and very respectful and were very detailed. When ever I hear someone mention that they are interested in a Chevrolet this is where I will be sending them. I had already called my bank to establish financing. We are Portland Mechanics finest and your Subaru Specialist’s. Jen Navarez of Baltimore Maryland "Paul and every member of his shop deserve an A+ in customer service. He makes sure that the work gets done correctly, always makes an effort to provide us some sort of discount if we don't have a coupon and are getting expensive services, and he makes sure that the work is done in a reasonable time. He was recommended to me by a very close friend of mine that bought a car from him and I most say I'm glad I went to talk to him. Most probably we wouldn't left that dealer with my new car without his help. I called on Monday to see if everything was fixed and they said that they had to order a part and that It was not going to be ready until Friday. I'm very dis-satisfied & I don't think I'll use that dealer service anymore. He was very friendly and accurate.He guide me through all the process and helped me get the vehicle I wanted. Roilandy was very helpful, not only did he give us a good deal buy he also gave us water,chip and a complimentary pen, i wold recomend Roilandy Perez to anyone thats going to purchase a car in Auto Nation Chevrolet in Coral Gables. I cannot remember one single satisfactory visit at Autonation Coral Gables. Next day Joel Boza reached out to my by phone I explained to him what I wanted. Aún así le expliqué que mi récord era pobre y yo no quería que corriera mi crédito en este momento hasta que pudiera ver los coches. Not only did they help me meet my financial needs, but also my personal "wants". Definitely will be coming back more to the dealer for anything on my vehicle instead of going to the dealer in Doral. My sales Managers Tony Sigler, Abdel Muniz & Darian Fresco went out of their way to make my deal happend. He was very attentive and provided superior customer service. I would recommend someone else to Ernesto and this dealer ship. I have had the worst car buying experience of my life. SALESMAN TONY SIGLER GREETED ME AND WAS VERY ACCOMMODATING IN HIS SALES PRESENTATION AND SALES MANAGERS ALAIN JOSEPH / NICK GARA WOWED ME WITH PATIENCE AND ENCOURAGMENTS. Was supposed to get new oil, have tires rotated, body inspection, and washed. We arrived on location and began to do the numbers until we were finally comfortable with the car payments and insurance. He found me all available discounts, and everything I needed in order to walk away with a clean conscience. My Auto actually purchased a New Honda Accord from AutoNation Honda that same week. It has been an excellent experience thus far and I look forward to a long productive relationship with AutoNation. In addition all the service specialist that they have are very professional and provide you with the best information and recommendations as well for your vehicle. Theese are seriouse problems and can not be over looked and not only are they serious and LIFE THREATENING TO NOT ONLY THE DRIVER BUT WHO EVER IS ARROUND. Pero nunca firmé ningún acuerdo con mi autorización para ello. I would highly recomend it to anyone looking for the best. Additionally, when I asked the manager to make a second key for my new car, he refused; claiming that's the way the car came. Whatever system this Chevy uses should be scrapped because I was told that it may fall under the warranty and a rental might be covered at no cost. Omar agreed to drive the car to Key West which saved me so much time. ::::update:::: just spoke to the manager and he told me that they were getting to my car first thing this morning. I have already referred two potential customers to Gus and will certainly be sending more his way.

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I think I got a good deal and probably visit the same dealership in my next purchase.

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This is a great dealership to work with and they provide excellent customer service. Unbelievably Frank recognized me seven months after my one day at the dealership at time of purchase! I had just learned the prior dealership never returned my Wheel Locks.

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