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Chrysler will notify owners, and dealer will install clearance for sun visor wiring, protection from sharp edges, and replace the sun visor, free of charge Today the Jeep is used for a variety of applications including daily driving, off-road, rock crawling and more. You can see from the pictures that it is a complete overhaul for the front of your plain looking Jeep. In our case the oil changes didn’t coincide, resulting in the extra stops. Top photo shows the Original Brush Bar kit.Lower photo shows a basic Hawse style fairlead, no bumper mounts. If this is the new face of Chrysler, we like what we see. The Rocky Road winch mounting kit comes with the necessary mounting/hardware in addition to the *factory hardware when your stock steel bumper frame is removed and replaced. But the GC also offers comfort, extending Jeep’s go-anywhere philosophy to mall parking lots and valet lines. This is the push-bar looking bumper mount shown in the photos above. The kit includes a detailed instruction manual with lots of pictures to help make the installation run as smoothly as possible. Auto repair service manchester nh. As a result of the somewhat overwhelming demand at this time for our kits, there can sometimes be a few weeks turnaround time. Be prepared for an overwhelming sense of patriotic duty, as well as a burning desire to pick up a hammer and bang some nails.

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If you don't know what we're on about, we highly suggest pointing your browser toward YouTube and spending a few minutes watching the company's "The Things We Make, Make Us" spot. If you intend never to install a winch, order one of our NON-WINCH BUMPER KITS and the oval winch opening hole will not be included. The Winch Mount frame provides the solid mounting points behind your factory plastic bumper. Chrysler will notify owners, and dealer will install clearance for sun visor wiring, protection from sharp edges, and replace the sun visor, free of charge. If the booster inspection confirms an unacceptable loss of vacuum pressure, the booster will be replaced. No need to do metal-work, fabrication, or welding to your Jeep. With blacked-out B- and C-pillars backed up by angular rear bodywork, the design is beautifully modern While its competitors evolved from enclosed trucks to car-based pseudo-wagons, aping the Jeep’s unibody construction along the way, the Grand Cherokee holds on to off-road credentials long-since forsaken in pursuit of the lucrative lacrosse-mom market. With blacked-out B- and C-pillars backed up by angular rear bodywork, the design is beautifully modern. The Dodge Ram packed one of the best interiors in the segment, and the previous-generation Grand Cherokee wasn't a horrible place to spend a few hours. Chrysler will notify owners, and dealers will inspect and repair any damaged wiring, and install a new sun visor that properly routes the wire, free of charge. QUALITY: The other most obvious feature that sets Rocky Road equipment apart is the quality. Rocky Road is the first and only company to introduce lift kits, skidplate, rack systems for the new Grand Cherokee, and once again we're the first to provide a true winch mounting system and bumper kit as well. A winch is NOT required, but the winch mounting kit is. Additionally, we have kits available for both coil spring and air suspension Jeeps. The front of the vehicle was carefully assessed to determine the height of the winch, mounting strength, wiring and cooling lines and hoses, vulnerable equipment and panels, radiator air flow etc. Pictured at left is the Winch Mount kit AND the Brush Bar bumper kit.Click picture for a larger view. This kit is required to install any of our bumper, brush bar, or light mounting kits. Our commitment to quality is visible in every accessory we manufacture.

Our kit completely replaces that steel bumper frame and provides a new heavy duty steel frame which also includes the new winch mounting provisions. The bumpers will just have a solid bumper face in front. The familial squared-off fender arches and seven-slot grille join new, glowering headlamps for a look that's all around more determined than its predecessor. While this kit is designed to be do-able by experienced at home do-it-yourselfers, having a body shop or mechanic perform the installation may be helpful. Along the same lines is our 'Full Bumper Plate' mount which again provides a solid bash plate up front and opening for winch, but also extends and follows the contours of your bumper along the front. This recall is also addressing certain vehicles that have not been remedied under that prior recall. In the affected vehicles, the wiring for the vanity lamp in the sun visor may short circuit, after a service repair is performed. These are Grand Cherokees with the Adaptive Cruise Control System.

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FINISH: To ensure your investment is properly protected, all Rocky Road kits are treated with a chemical wash, high temperature powdercoat application, and a sealing system.   *PLEASE NOTE: This kit does require the Jeep factory TOW HOOK system. All bumper kits REQUIRE the Winch Mount kit which provides a solid steel backing frame. If you do not have the factory Tow Hook system pre-installed on your Grand Cherokee, you can order the kit below with your winch mount system at a discount over what your local Jeep dealership is likely to charge. Created by Chrysler, the Jeep has continued to deliver on its promise While General Motors has been busily chugging along like nothing happened, the Pentastar hasn't exactly rolled out a wave of new and refreshed models. AUSTRALIAN & EURO model Jeeps.Aussie, European, Asian JEEP OWNERS. The Winch Mount provides the required backing to the plastic shell. Short overhangs front and rear are plenty functional for taking on your favorite trails, but they also give the SUV the sort of ready-for-anything stance that made buyers fall in love with high-riders to begin with. This is completely tucked inside and behind the factory plastic bumper shell. Click the pic for a larger view! The most popular is our Brush Bar kit. ITS A JEEP! And being that it is a true Jeep, Jeep owners are starting to get the itch to improve, build up, and equip their vehicles for the trail.

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For a go-anywhere SUV, the Grand Cherokee spent a lot of time going to the dealership. See additional information on our non-winch kits a little lower. Though of course as you can see from the photos, an opening does need to be cut into the bumper face itself for the winch cable. Another minor gripe was the soft brake pedal, which didn’t seem to provide any stopping power until halfway through its travel HOWEVER, you MUST order the Winch Mount to install these items. The subject vehicles have a brake booster with a center shell that may corrode and allow water to get inside.

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