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The Corolla features a tall body that raises the bumper height a few inches, a feature that comes in handy when tapping bumpers with today's monster SUVs.

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Even with the optional four-speed automatic, the Corolla feels relatively quick on level surfaces, though it does struggle a bit in high elevations or with a carload of people onboard. Spoke to Narahari there who got me a great deal on my Chevy.

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Favorite Features Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror The auto-dimming rearview mirror, optional on the LE grade, includes a built-in compass.

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Its stable suspension returns a smooth ride, yet it's able to negotiate quick maneuvers without any loss of composure. They even stayed open a little later so I could get off work, and come see the potential buying car. Everyone was very friendly and allowed me to test drive as many of the cars as I wanted. But, buyer beware; for as these cars appear to offer more features and better styling for less money up front, when it comes trade-in time the Corolla owner will be laughing all the way to the bank. Lexus repair manual online. The LE adds wood trim, power windows, Optitron instrumentation and remote keyless entry. I didn't have enough to buy the car I wanted but they were so nice and worked with what I had and I got my car the same day. As with most cars in this class, the radio and heating controls are placed in the center section for ease of operation, though with the Corolla you may find that operating the radio requires a bit of a reach.

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They were extremely kind and helpful and I never felt pressured. There are also a number of dealer and port-installed options that vary in price depending on region. The sporty S model looks the best of the three trims, but offers no additional horsepower or performance enhancements. The S trim adds ground effects, fog lights, six-speaker stereo, red illuminated instruments and chrome accents. Still, some shoppers will inevitably turn to the less-expensive and better-equipped models from Hyundai, Kia and Suzuki. features to help it move quickly while sipping fuel at a miserly pace. The sale representative answered all my questions in a timely manner.

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Though it's no hot rod, there is enough pep under the hood to move the Corolla briskly and the engine's miserly fuel consumption is among the best in this class I bought a car that's in great shape, for a price well under book value. There are bins and storage compartments galore, including four separate cup holders. They were interested in giving me the best deal and made it the easiest purchase. Auto repair open now. If you're looking for a small sedan with cutting-edge styling and a long list of standard features, the Corolla may not be your cup of tea. Keep in mind the Corolla is not a sports car, but driven within reason the Corolla will always go where you point it and stop when you tell it to stop.

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