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As expected, Nissan's CVT performs with satisfying smoothness. A gasoline/electric hybrid sedan will arrive soon, followed by an Altima Coupe. For the Altima, the CVT benefits from a passing kickdown feature as well as a choice of three modes, and the CVT-equipped sedan accelerates without excessive engine noise. Abundant glass translates to super visibility and a low cowl permits expansive views ahead. I seen on car gurus that it had one accident so I was looking at it on my phone while he was on the computer.I asked him did it have any accidents just to see if he would tell the truth or not. Shift modes provide normal, economy and sport operation, with no strange "rubber band" sensation. Curtain-type and seat-mounted airbags are standard. Especially with leather upholstery, you may sometimes feel as if you're about to slide downward. before he even went to get the keys he gave me a credit applicantion which is bogus if you haven't driven a car yet !! I told him we need to test drive the vehicle first in order to know if we're going to get it or not. My mechanic did check it out and gave me an itemized bill of the work based on urgency and priority and Genesis worked with me to make sure I could get the car, get the repairs, AND only go over budget a bit. he then tried to look at other locations of other dealerships for another sonata. Naturally, if you simply cannot get used to the gearless operation of a CVT, the Altima isn't likely to appeal to you unless it has a manual transmission - though the kickdown feature makes the CVT feel more like a conventional automatic. I walked up to car and saw Duct Tape holding the sunroof on. and he said that vehicle had NO ACCIDENTS, while I'm showing it did.

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Lower engine mounting, for instance, aims to cut "torque steer" to near-zero. This CVT, Altima's first, provides a kickdown comparable to regular automatics. They encouraged me to take the car for a test drive AND, get this, to take it to MY mechanic in Philly! It was then that I felt they had to be confident that the car was in good shape. All- in-all, I am confident I left with a good deal on a good used car and I would not hesitate to recommend them to my family or friends.

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A new dual-pivot brake pedal promises normal "feel" at both low and high speeds. Seatbacks are taller, but back support isn't quite up to par. If you want to buy a car and not deal with the usual used car B.S. Taillamps were reworked, but have kept the basic look of the prior generation. In consideration of the car's many new features a shorter wheelbase was needed to keep weight down, but Nissan claims the Altima offers "the same room inside." Wheel arches are considerably more pronounced. Small engine repair lebanon tn. They answered the phone almost every time and when they couldn't they always got back to me quickly.

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which is the biggest lie ever told bc I scheduled ahead of time to test drive this vehicle.

Auto repair greenville. he offered from his location a Volkswagen Jetta that was a good price. The four-cylinder sedan also blends ride comfort with adept handling.

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He confirmed the vehicle with me when I got there and said he was going to get the keys and drive it to the front so I can test drive it. Even the four-cylinder delivers exuberant energy with only moderate engine noise.

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me and my mother traveled a whole to come up there regarding that spectacular deal. You hardly notice lesser bumps, and Altimas make quick work of deeper ones. Friendly and warm greetings each of the three visits with James and Tom, too. Additional options include a RearView monitor, Bose-developed nine-speaker audio, a Bluetooth hands-free phone system, XM or SIRIUS Satellite Radio and heated front seats From the first call with Sharon about the car, to working out payment options with Tom, and driving off as the new owner once Jamie scraped off the dealership stickers form the windshield. Built on an all-new "D" platform, the Altima rides a wheelbase that has shrunk by nearly an inch. adds to the pleasure, though the shifter is a bit vague. Doubled in volume, the glovebox is now deemed "jumbo-size," because no part of the air conditioner is behind it. Although the taut suspension yields greater body motion on imperfect surfaces, ride comfort doesn't suffer. Optional Equipment A navigation system with Real-Time Traffic information is available. Driving the Altima Driving Impressions Seriously substantial, each Altima model demonstrates superior handling capabilities coupled with a satisfying ride

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