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My wife is the primary user of the car for tasks around town. Favorite Features Automatic Air Quality System When a sensor detects an excess of pollen or diesel fumes, for instance, the ventilation system automatically switches into the recirculate mode. Many thoughtful touches include plenty of storage inside and lit window switches and steering mounted controls. If you baby this car and drive non-aggressively it will return the favor. Driving the Sonata Driving Impressions The Hyundai Sonata drives like a small car. Also worth noting is Hyundai's very real commitment to including a high level of standard safety equipment on every vehicle.

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This trial purchase of a Hyundai has been, thus far, successful. The chrome and wood inserts dont wear like other cars.

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I have had regular maintenance and some major maintenance due to the age of the car. Both the four- and six-cylinder engines now qualify the Sonata as an Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle. This is particularly true on the driver's side arm rest.

After an electrical short in the steering column, rear brake problems, engine computer malfunction, and now bubbling and peeling paint, I have had enough. If you're attracted to the idea of a feature-filled mid-size sedan that won't bust your budget, the Hyundai Sonata should be one of the cars on your list.

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It also puts the Camry and Accord to shame in list of standard features by including SAB, ESC, ABS and traction control. Before we were more Honda people, but the Sonata is a great model for a better value. All fluid, filter changes, lubrication and adjustments are done per manual. It gets terrible gas mileage in the city but that's a given for most cars anyway. Fortunately the crack previously reported has not progressed and the crack on the dash is still unchanged. Exteriorly, the finish is fine except for several paint chips forward and over the front fender well. But unlike some of its world-beating competitors, the new Sonata is merely equal to the sum of its parts. The four-cylinder GLS models receive a price reduction while the top-end Limited trim gets a new chrome grille and optional Infinity sound system. The paint is so thin on this car that when driven on the highway, even bugs cause chipping of the paint on the front bumper and on the hood of the car. The other recall was for the brake light switch that I chose to replace myself. My passenger window motor went out probably due to my car transitioning from Texas to Ohio weather and from people opening it all time -_- I have had some problems with the brake lights but the manufacturer recall quickly resolved that issue. C&m auto repair. The Sonata carries the unenviable burden of competing in the same category as the Accord and Camry, perennial industry benchmarks in quality. There are no fluid leaks and the engine runs as smoothly as new. I'm not a big fan of the body roll and the steering but I have dealt with worse.

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I have done all the regular maintenance and have gone to the dealer only once to service a recall on the passenger seat air bag. Oh yes and the warranty package is far better than the Accord and Camry. Even though it barely makes the Large Car cutoff, the Sonata treats front and rear passengers to a cabin that is spacious and comfortable, although some might find the front seat bottom lacking in thigh support due to its minimal up-angle adjustment. Notable Equipment Standard Equipment One of the Sonata's key selling points is its impressive equipment list, including an admirable array of standard safety features On smoothly paved roads it is the quietest car I've ever driven. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who is looking for an inexpensive, dependable vehicle. For anyone accustomed to that top-level refinement, the Sonata's higher level of equipment for the money might not be enough to tip the scales in its favor. I had to fix the rear axle for the major maintenance but I haven't had any problems with my engine and transmission. In spots where cheap plastic seems inevitable, Sonata's designers have done a fine job in minimizing its impact. There are some interior wear as the vehicle is used. Overall, we like the Sonata's new styling, even if it's squarely on the safe side, and don't see any single design feature likely to turn anybody away from the car. On the flip side, that means a ride less insulated from. My previous vehicles have been Datsun/Nissans and Toyotas with price to value ratios increasing at a rate beyond what I'm willing to pay. It is big enough for my family and reliable enough for transport everyday. I would not hesitate to do business with Knudsen Auto Brokers. After re-torquing the valve cover bolts, I've had no oil leaks above the alternator as others have had. I continue to do my own maintenance with weekly checks of fluids. The paint job is of poor quality and seems to chip fairly easily. Hyundai also says that the Sonata has more torsional stiffness than the Honda Accord, which affords a quieter ride while still maintaining precise handling, and claims that the cabin quietness is class-leading This is not a glam car, its styling is dated and there are no premium features inside - however, I've not had any major is. Tyrone was extremely helpful, patient and kind as we test drove multiple cars An Infinity premium sound system is now available on the Limited model. I've replaced the brake pads on all fours and they didn't show any unusual wear. Honda motorcycle repair shop. Which, by the way, was not serviced because the sensor chose to operate that day when I took it in, but has been malfunctioning on and off as long as I've had this car since new. The NHTSA says it is even better than the Accord in its side impact crash test ratings and costs thousands less. Interiorly, the driver's side arm rest faux leather has cracked and the plastic on the dash adjacent to the windshield has developed a small crack.

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All exterior and interior systems work and I've had no mechanical problems. Its attractive environment also features nicer materials and cleaner designs than many might expect, with the exception of the center of the instrument panel. Only thing I would change is the look of the climate controls, a little dorky. Описание модели.Hyundai Sonata - переднеприводный седан. On the plus side, that means more nimble and confident handling. You might think it's the sheet metal or spot welds that create a great car They had sold the car I was interested in, but told me about a similar vehicle that they had coming in. With the warranty Hyundai offers, I am strongly considering another one! out of people found this review helpful market, demonstrating an uncanny ability to produce high-quality products at bargain-basement prices. Competitive comparison View advantages Interior space; ride; refinement; fuel efficiency; low prices. Admittedly, there were several bolts loose and out of spec. I used to live in Texas so the paint has some minor wear thanks the the flaming sun but other than that most people don't seem to notice. This is not a glam car, its styling is dated and there are no premium features inside - however, I've not had any major issues with it. The Hyundai Sonata features significantly more contemporary styling than previous generations, though some might argue the design is also somewhat generic. It still runs and sounds great! It has good acceleration, braking, a quiet cabin and is smooth on the highway. I search often on the Internet for potential problems that others may have endured to maintain this vehicle. It also delivered brisk acceleration - both off the line and in short-order passing situations - while the five-speed automatic transmission shifted smoothly and responded quickly to manual commands. Built at Hyundai's factory in Alabama, the Sonata boasts an impressive list of standard safety equipment, helping it earn a five-star crash test rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. However, some tender loving care will do a lot to preserve it. Since others have had problems with oil leaking onto the alternator, I've re-torqued the valve cover bolts to specification.

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The Sonata will be in my consideration set when I am ready to purchase new. I was going to go see the vehicle, but we decided on another car we were looking at before I had the opportunity to look at it. It also carries one of the best powertrain warranties in the business. The engine still runs relatively quiet and no oil is either burning or leaking

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