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The Accord is also reliable, but has a firmer ride. Make sure to have the car properly inspected before purchase. The front end of the car was relatively short, leaving a great deal of the length to the cabin, a technique adopted by compact cars. In their side impact test a overall rating was given to models equipped with side airbags, while models without side airbags were given a overall rating. The Camry is known to hold its value well; maintenance costs are below average for the class. Read about Toyota Camry common problems and maintenance next.

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For safety ABS, Vehicle Stability Control, front and rear head side curtain airbags, and front seat-mounted torso side airbags were optional. Consumer Reports rates Toyota Camry 'above average' for reliability. We've done some research on common problems, read more below. Plain interior design, pricey compared to competitors, front seats lack lateral support, paint is easy to scratch, poor scores for side crash protection without side airbags.Similar cars: Overall: The Camry is a natural choice if you are looking for a used family car.

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The dashboard is somewhat plain but everything is well laid out. The Camry's front suspension used MacPherson struts mounted to a front sub-frame while the rear suspension used a dual link setup also mounted to its own rear sub-frame. Suzuki repair manual pdf. Front seats are soft, although somewhat lacking in side support. Other manufacturing facilities for their respective regional markets include locations in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan The Camry's interior is comfortable and very roomy with plenty of rear-seat space. A1 auto three brothers car repair. Overall reliability is rated above average, but there are some trouble spots to watch out for. The ride is very soft and smooth; road bumps and expansion joints are absorbed well by the suspension.

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Auto repair bismarck. Handling and ride: The Camry is a pleasure to drive, especially on the highway. The instrument panel is very simple with large gauges. The handling is good overall, but is not sporty by any means.

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This concept vehicle had significant performance and visual upgrades from the production Toyota Camry and hinted at the TRD Aurion. Both engines in the United States were ULEV certified. For a complete overview of all Camry models, see Toyota Camry.

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