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Remove the "stopper block" from the cams -- before you put on the top half-cover on the timing belt area.

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Do not turn the engine using the cam timing sprockets or their retaining bolts, or by pulling on the timing belt. Prepare to remove the engine supporting jack, by first verifying that the motor mount brackets and motor mount are installed and all the bolts are tightened, raise the car a little and remove the jackstand and lower the car, and remove wheel chock blocks. Numbers may be formed or stamped on OEM equipment, but may not be on after market parts. You will need to loosen the lock bolts a turn or more and then loosen the tensioner a good number of turns until you can get enough slack to remove the belts. You actually might have to remove the engine to extract a broken bolt if you break off a screw or bolt in a tight spot when you are them. The two toward the firewall of the auto are difficult to reach and even to see. Or if you prefer to use a silicone gasket maker then apply a small even bead but not an excessive amount that could squeeze out and cause plugging/blockage of coolant passage ways in the engine or radiator. , then you may need to use a steering wheel puller or similar puller. Put the big bolt back with the washer/disk and tighten it securely. I like that they explain everything they are doing and ask before doing anything that comes up during the maintenance. Drain all the coolant from the engine and keep it to use again or dispose of it legally; no matter how little. Hook the spring in the hole of the tensioner ear/tab and use the Allen wrench in the hole that is in the front surface of the tensioner pulley for that wrench to bring the spring clockwise to get the spring near and then hooked onto the pin that protrudes from the engine block just above the pulley. Obtain a manual, and check and it should have torquing instructions for bolts and compare their instructions to this and follow any recommendations about removal, installation and replacement instructions, pictures and diagrams that may be helpful. Newer engines do have a distributor and so the correct TDC can be found while the harmonic pulley timing mark is approaching TDC. Put the bolt back in to hold the sprocket on and be sure the sprocket "key" is always kept in its slot. Install the "new timing tensioner" pulley and tighten its mounting bolt securely. You actually might have to remove the engine to extract a broken bolt when you do the reassembly if you break off a screw or bolt in a tight spot for instance. Remove spark plugs use a spark plug socket with a rubber grommet inside the socket so that it helps to lift plugs them out of the deep access ports. Always helpful in finding products to care for outside and inside finish of car.

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Clean the engine block surface carefully where the water pump gasket will make contact for sealing well -- so carefully scrape off any pieces of stuck-on old gasket material corrosion, rust, or dirt to bare metal without gouging or roughing the metal.

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While holding that hex wrench begin to work the belt in steps farther onto each sprocket until it is on all the way. Certified auto repair rockville md. One screw is hard to see in the middle of the cover, right below the motor mount. It may not have very detailed instructions, but pictures and labeled parts in the pictures and their recommended order of the processes may be very helpful. So, starting at the crankshaft sprocket place the belt a little more than halfway onto the sprocket and then going -clockwise making sure the belt is tightly against the idler pulley/roller as you slip the belt onto the cam sprockets and tight across between the cam sprockets when on both of them. Press the timing belt onto place while keeping the tensioner pulley out of the way using the Allen hex wrench toward counterclockwise for the pulley to be as far backed off as possible to allow the belt to slide on to the sprockets. Unfortunately it was not but that idea had not even occurred to me.

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Loosen the long bolt of alternator pivoting bracket on the alternator belt; so it will allow the adjustable accessory to pivot as tension is released, loosen the tensioner enough to remove the belt. Put on the "new water pump"; follow instructions that came with it. You use a small but powerful impact wrench to loosen it. -- beware, aware.Caution: Disconnect the negative battery terminal again after this technique so your engine can be accidentally "bumped" or turned away from TDC by the starter motor in error. It may loosen on the first two or three tries, when it loosens enough you'll probably hear a something like a little "zinging/whizzing" sound. Bmw repair norman ok. It is very important to be perfectly in that special order. It would take less time if one of you were experienced. On the downside, some road and tire noise is noticeable. Hand rotate the crankshaft two times around using a wrench on the crankshaft sprocket bolt, then check to see that when the crankshaft key is aligned, then the two cam timing marks are still aligned as described earlier. Remove the huge, oddly shaped motor mount bracket carefully' from among the air conditioning hoses and power steering hoses by pulling them back "just a little," and yet do not damage the wiring and hoses. Do this carefully to keep from breaking or dropping the spark plugs especially if you want to reuse them. Although I'm not sure  how they remembered me or my name The steering is precise and responsive; the turning radius is small.

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Remove the plastic splash-guard cover under the engine which extends to cover the side of the wheel well. You should get a good repair manual with pictures to help you with this. Find the "seventh" bracket bolt if not yet removed which was uncovered when you lifted out the heavy lump-like middle part of the mount. Let it idle while finishing filling with coolant and put on the radiator cap, and be sure that the car is otherwise road worthy. Breakover wrench is used to "break loose" the tight bolts and to break your ratchet instead. It should be stored or disposed of properly as a hazardous chemical. You will need to pull a little on the hoses and move the wiring around to work the big mount bracket into its place and yet damage the wiring and hoses. Put on the "new timing belt"; follow instructions that came with it.

Follow serpentine belt instructions in your operator manual and see their diagram for that kind of belt, if so equipped on newer models. Replace the under engine/wheel well side cover and put on the wheel but re-tighten it after it is on the ground, later. Fun to drive, reliable, sporty styling, rich practical interior, peppy engine, tight turning radius, available Bose audio system, huge glove box Follow the steps carefully and double check all the removal, installation and reassembly steps including tightening bolts -- checking and rechecking all work as you go. Check for coolant leaks, check all other fluids, and leave the radiator cap off temporarily to recheck so you can the coolant level after starting the engine. It should work under the air conditioner bracket which is massive on the older models.

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They do not push repairs or upgrades but suggest when things are necessary or due. Realize that later you will support the engine separately with a jack as explained when it is needed but you may need a different jack.  And when I walked in to drop off and pick up my zoom zoom, I was greeted by name. Be sure one or both isn't off by one notch or something. You may encounter issues or problems not covered in this article. You can put an even coating of marine grease on the gasket after it is cemented onto the pump so it will not stick to the engine block. Once all are just loosened then finish removing them. They also checked my records to see whether my headlamp was under warranty. You probably can wiggle and jiggle the pulley while start gently prying and pulling it off the crankshaft. The engine should be easy to turn with a socket wrench on the crankshaft bolt since the spark plugs are out and all pressure is released. Put unused tools away to keep down clutter and confusion. The factory Mazda, OEM, repair manuals do explain in detail for a beginner and advise use of unnecessary tools. Auto tire repair shops. If you are not a fairly experienced mechanic, consider taking it to a shop -- or get good helper who will spend several hours actually working. Do not pry or force the belts to get them off; you will probably need it all loosened even more to get the new tighter belts on anyway. Compression pressure means that the piston in cylinder one was on the compression stroke not the exhaust stroke which also comes to TDC. With the Allen wrench in the hole in tensioner pulley for that purpose press it toward clockwise against the belt and press it in for a little tightening of the belt, and then release it slowly for the spring to bring it back into position. Recalling how your fingers and a wrench barely fitted into tight spaces and how you maneuvered them for dis-assembly will help you reassemble in problem areas. This was necessary to be able to remove the lower timing cover. Or you could get them up from the ports if you find a way to use a piece of hose inserted snugly over each spark plug after each is unscrewed. Put the harmonic crankshaft pulley on be sure the pulley key slot aligns on the slot and key of the crankshaft that must be aligned into the slot in the pulley. Be sure to also support the engine with a jack just putting a little pressure upward so you can prepare to remove the motor mount on the belt end of the engine. Loosen it from the block by tapping it with a wooden block and a mallet hammer but if it does not come loose pretty easily -- again for another bolt. This is done using the compression stroke air pressure measured in the "number one spark plug hole" by a "compression gauge" to know when the piston is on the compression stroke and then turning slowly and carefully to exactly the TDC as shown by the crankshaft and the cam sprockets timing marks.

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Seal the new gasket onto the new pump with "gasket cement." Do not cement it onto the block. Install "lower-half cover" of the timing belt and put the bolt and especially the one in the middle which is hard to see just below the motor mount bracket. Do "not" rotate the crankshaft or cams while the timing belt is off or you will do severe damage as this is an interference engine. Remove the OHC cam valve cover which is necessary to access the timing belt, the top of the timing belt sprockets, and the cam timing marks. Will check engine light go off after repair. Remove the smaller "engine mount bracket" of the motor mount which is heavy duty steel and is still bolted to the engine block after you have removed the rest that was mounted to the fender area. the negative battery cable the spark plug cables at the spark plugs before putting your hands in dangerous places or doing any removal of moving parts or their covers or even brackets

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