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Some complaints allege unexpected sharp reductions in engine power during hard accelerations at highway speeds, such as attempted merging or passing maneuvers. The flow of fuel through a fuel pump nozzle can produce static electricity, which can cause a fire if fuel is pumped into an ungrounded fuel container. More appealing looks, too, outside and in, because is now a big part of truck appeal. The Raptor features a model-exclusive suspension with long-travel springs and shocks. San francisco auto repair center. Sharing the front bodywork of the Lincoln Navigator SUV, the Blackwood was designed with a model-exclusive bed and was sold only in black. Recall Date Description CERTAIN EAGLE EYES HEADLAMPS, P/NOS. PROLONGED EXPOSURE TO ROAD DEICING CHEMICALS MAY CAUSE SEVERE CORROSION OF THE FUEL TANK STRAPS WHICH SECURE THE TANK TO THE VEHICLE. If you own a Lincoln vehicle and are away from home when your vehicle needs service, or if you need more help than the dealership could provide, after following the steps described above, contact the Ford Customer Relationship Center to find an authorized dealership to help you. These conditions increase the risk of a crash or a pedestrian being struck due to the vehicle’s not signaling it is in reverse. Dealer will replace the body control module if necessary free of charge.

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If your vehicle is equipped with a overhead console rail system, there are several features that can operated. "We are pleased that Ford shares our commitment to safety and is taking action to protect consumers by expanding its safety recall," said NHTSA Administrator.in a statement. UFI WILL NOTIFY OWNERS AND REPLACE THE FILTERS FREE OF CHARGE. While using the same bed and cabin as before, these are distinguished from their predecessors by an all-new interior and a much larger grille and head lamps. After a case is reviewed, the Board mails you a decision letter and a form on which to accept or reject the Board’s decision. • The suspension insulation and bumpers will help prevent vehicle damage.

If the truck was struck by another vehicle on the side, the government said the door latch could open. Ford will notify owners, and dealers will replace the brake master cylinder and, if necessary, the brake booster, free of charge. Refer to your Scheduled Maintenance Guide to determine the correct service interval. Based on the serial number the BCM was either not affected or replaced. Ford will notify owners and instruct them to take their vehicles to a ford or Lincoln/Mercury dealer to have a new clock spring jumper wire installed that incorporates a protective mesh cover.

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Mead crossed the finish line in Buenos Aires and won the "super production" class, the first North American class win in Dakar history. There is a strong grey market presence of Ford F-Series trucks around the world, most notably in Europe, China, and Australia, and usually driven by wealthy car enthusiasts, as the higher end trim models are the most sought-after versions. These quality products have been specifically engineered to fulfill your automotive needs; they are custom designed to complement the style and appearance of your vehicle. In this case, move the backless booster to another seating position with a higher seat back and lap/shoulder belts. Pkg Pkg Hitch Platform, Frame Mounted Pkg Pkg Oil Cooler, Transmission Pkg Pkg Radiator, Heavy Duty Pkg Pkg Bumper, Chrome Front Std Std Bumper, Chrome Rear Step Std Std Bumpers, Argent Grey Pkg Pkg Glass, Tinted Std Std Grille, ChromeIncludes Storm Grey "Egg Crate" Grill Insert. The problem has caused three crashes but no injuries. Lift the hood until the lift cylinders hold it open.

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Have a qualified technician at a Ford or Lincoln/Mercury dealer check the wheel alignment periodically. Free pdf auto repair manuals. Regulators have become more aggressive since being criticized last year for a slow response to Toyota's sudden acceleration problems. Should the hose detach from the intake manifold, several brake applications with power assist will be available before the vacuum reserve is depleted.

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Ford spokesman said the majority of the complaints involved trucks built during the first shift of production at the Norfolk plant and the rates of air bags accidentally deploying were much higher in trucks built at the Virginia plant than those built at plants in Michigan and Missouri. Ford said it knows of no crashes or injuries caused by the issue. • Press the top of the control to adjust the pedals away from you. Ford Motor Company has not approved a slingbelt towing procedure. When the adaptive strategry is reset, the computer will begin a relearning process. SABERSPORT WILL NOTIFY OWNERS AND OFFER A FULL REFUND FOR THE NONCOMPLIANT COMBINATION LAMPS. A recall notice was not immediately posted on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website, and it was not immediately clear how many drivers had complained of the problem or if there had been any reports of related injuries. The GVWR is shown on the Safety Compliance Certification Label located on the driver’s door or B-Pillar.

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In CD mode: • Press MEM to select the next selection on the CD. Owners can take their vehicle to a dealer to have the cruise control deactivated until the parts arrive. Depending on the results of the inspection, the dealer will either add a spring embossment reinforcement or replace the interior door handle module free of charge. Press completely down on the bottom part of the rocker switch and release quickly. In most cases, it said, airbags had deployed just a few seconds after the trucks were started. Each seat cushion can be flipped up into the seatback position. State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. In a fashion similar to the same trim packages on the Aerostar, Bronco, and Explorer/Bronco II, it consisted of outdoors-themed interior trim with two-tone exterior paint. The brake master cylinder reservoir may lose brake fluid into the brake booster. The company would not say how much money the recall would cost. See your local dealer for driveshaft removal/installation. Ford says a software problem in a speed sensor can force the vehicles into a downshift. Dealers will inspect the driver's seat track assembly, and if necessary, replace it free of charge. If you did not take advantage of the Ford Extended Service Plan at the time of purchasing your vehicle, you may still be eligible. Ford said it would notify owners of the vehicles covered by the recall in early March. If this occurs the air bag warning lamp may illuminate indicating that service is required. See Front passenger sensing system in the airbags section of this chapter. Press the RESET control to change from English to Metric. There are no other reported crashes or injuries in the other four recalls. If the warning stays on or continues to come on, contact your dealer as soon as possible. Jeep yj repair manual pdf. The Certification label is located on the structure by the trailing edge of the driver’s door or the edge of the driver’s door N/C N/C Medium Parchment - HRequires an Exterior Color. If you use any tire/wheel combination not recommended by Ford Motor. The company says in a statement that the problem has caused one crash and an injury. The oil from your hand could cause the bulb to break the next time the headlamps are operated. To further improve its aerodynamics, the forward bodywork was given a slightly lower hoodline, rounding the front fenders and grille; in addition, the changes matched the F-Series with the design of the newly introduced Explorer and redesigned E-Series and Ranger. But the aura still says, "After you," in that cautious way. Ford will notify owners and instruct them to take their vehicles to a Ford or Lincoln dealer to have the fuel tank straps replaced with straps that have increased corrosion protection. In order to avoid inadvertent activation of the switch, always remove the ignition key from the passenger air bag ON/OFF switch. With the ignition on and all doors closed, allow the vehicle to stand for several minutes so that it can level. Adjust the temperature control to maintain comfort. Children and younger brothers/sisters imitate behavior they see. In Australia, Ford F-series trucks are imported and converted to right-hand drive by several Australian importers, mostly by Performax International

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