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The TSX is the car for those who need space, want fun, and haven't the money for an impressive badge. Driven as if you were the guy making the payments, the TSX is plenty satisfying. Despite its general handiness, the TSX can conceal its front-drive nature for only so long. The precision of the manual shifter would make a surgical instrument jealous.

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It has driveshafts in the front, but none driving the rear wheels. And in its haste, Acura has forgotten to add the fifth and sixth cylinders to the engine. All vehicles will have a waterproof cover installed onto the ECU, free of charge. The TSX has far better body control than does an American Accord.

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Other cosmetic upgrades include a rear bumper fascia, side sills, and a "Special Edition" badge on the trunklid. Albany auto repair. 2004 dodge neon repair manual. But it leans in a controlled and progressive manner that doesn't really inhibit hard driving. The TSX's suspension, though, is tuned considerably stiffer with a larger rear anti-roll bar than on the U.S.

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These are the sorts of unnoticed but predictable and reassuring interfaces that make for a satisfying performance car. All three of them on our six-speed-manual primary tester had remarkably short travel, and each felt perfectly linear in operation.

The suspension setup, with dual control arms up front and a five-link independent rear, is the same basic configuration that underpins the Accord in this country. And lest you think a big-displacement four-cylinder sounds rough, remember that this is a Honda-the undisputed champ of four-bangers. In the cabin, Acura made sport-minded appointments including suede seat inserts with red backing. Options include a voice-activated version of Acura's navigation system and a five-speed automatic transmission. PROLONGED HIGH UNDER HOOD TEMPERATURES MAY CAUSE THE POWER STEERING HOSE TO DETERIORATE PREMATURELY AND MAY CAUSE THE HOSE TO CRACK AND LEAK POWER STEERING OIL. HONDA WILL NOTIFY OWNERS AND DEALERS WILL REPAIR THE VEHICLES FREE OF CHARGE. How to replace a bike tire. The is a medium-sized entry-level luxury car that was manufactured by Forced Induction Specification Short duration profile builds cylinder pressure by reducing overlap, high lift for more air intake Making its debut on the new TSX is Honda's Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure, which is designed to reduce accident impact on occupants. Nestled in a supportive, well-bolstered seat, you ease to a halt in utter peace. The five-speed is a fine tranny with a responsive manumatic feature, but its shifts are too soft for a sporting sedan. Surely, Acura is not so daft as to believe it could fool car enthusiasts with some tarted-up front-drive, four-cylinder family sedan. The quick-ratio steering is light, accurate, and nearly immune to kickback, but its numbness doesn't warn the driver that those tires are about to give up the fight. This damage may potentially cause the engine to stall. As is Acura's way, the TSX comes loaded, including a high-end sound system, leather, stability control, heated seats, and the full complement of inflatable bags. The new TSX uses a base engine similar to that of the previous TSX. We applaud Acura for using a decent-size tire, but we'd like more aggressive tires than these. Acura Canada has decided not to sell the TSX Sport Wagon until an unspecified later date, citing market conditions as the reason for the delay Its pointed nose protrudes more than the fashionable few inches beyond the leading edge of the front wheels. This inspires confidence-perhaps a bit more than the tires are prepared for. Like we said: an utter failure at being a BMW copy As a result, the ECU case may experience rust or corrosion. German sports sedans, by comparison, tend to feel stout-even heavy-over the road. sale with more power, more standard equipment, a dose of new marketing, and an "Acura TSX" badge. There is red stitching on the shift knob, seats, and steering wheel, along with red ambient lighting featured on the gauge cluster, overhead lighting, and footwell lighting.

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The TSX is, in fact, a European- and Japanese-market Honda Accord, modified for U.S.

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And equipping the TSX with an automatic, as Acura anticipates two-thirds of its buyers will, makes it too pedestrian. The exterior features a more aggressive front spoiler giving it a sporty look, reminiscent of their old sports coupe, the RSX. It is a narrow, fervent slice of the buying public that will choose the TSX. Newmarket auto repairs. There's no engine vibration through the steering wheel. There's a bit more body roll than expected, though, so it's not exactly in BMW territory. As a result, the ECU case may experience rust or corrosion. Honda will notify owners and Acura dealers will inspect the vehicle and replace any damaged ECU, free of charge. Midcorner bumps and hillocks upset the car almost not at all.

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So forget all the BMW-fighter stuff and be thankful for the return of this particularly satisfying brand of Japanese sports sedan. Thanks in part to twin balance shafts, the engine is smooth from idle to redline. All of this must be very embarrassing for the company, which is typically known for its quick-wittedness.

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