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Second gear could overheat and break, causing the transmission to lock. Actual item Pictures - what you see is what you get.The information about the donor vehicle, mileage, and warranty is found below.

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Mike Spencer, a spokesman for Honda, said that the five-speed models typically were damaged by premature wear of the third-gear clutch pack. Some notable features of the redesign were dual glove boxes and an in-floor lazy susan storage compartment, located in the previous generation's spare tire well. This is also the only generation of the Honda Odyssey where the power windows are only on the driver's and front passenger's doors. The Odyssey is the top-ranked minivan in the US News charts. all of our engines & transmission.В каталоге содержатся технические характеристики и фотографии Honda Odyssey. Side-curtain airbags and electronic stability control are included in all models. All Odysseys except the base LX get the system, which shows the scene in the passenger-side mirror when the right-hand turn signal is activated.The Least Pleasant SurpriseHonda’s list of available active-safety features hasn’t quite kept pace with the competition. A 'Plus-One' jump seat was standard on EX and EX-L trims for use with an eighth passenger. As is often the case, option packages can add considerably to the total price. Honda introduced the ACE body engineering to the third-generation Odyssey, which was later used on the eighth generation Civic. The EX-L and higher trims could be purchased with both navigation and rear entertainment systems, or rear entertainment system only, while the VHS-based i-VES system was dropped. DO NOT USE DEXRON ORGENERAL AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID AS RECOMMENDED BY MANUFACTURE. Otherwise, it’s hard to find fault with the Odyssey’s cabin.The Most Pleasant SurpriseThough it’s been around for several years, Honda’s LaneWatch, which uses a sideview camera to show that a vehicle is approaching from the rear, is still an appealing surprise. Road manners are reminiscent of Honda’s sedans, notably the Accord.

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The Acura CL, TL, MDX and Honda Accord suffered similar problems.

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The Odyssey offered power sliding doors which were standard on the EX trims, but not available on the LX trims. It grew in width and weight but retained the previous generation's length and interior space. Acceleration was slightly slower than generation two models. As the clutch friction material abraded, it scattered bits inside the transmission case, clogging fluid lines and causing erratic shifting. Touring models came with a center storage compartment. Four trim levels were available in the United States: LX, EX, EX-L, and Touring, the top-of-the-line package in the Odyssey lineup that incorporated features such as run-flat tires, power tailgate, power adjustable pedals, multi information display, memory seats and chrome tailgate trim. You are now subscribed to our Pricing Insider updates Has no slipping or hard shifting.At Ozmotive we specialize in Honda and Acura. Touring models featured full Bluetooth support for all Bluetooth-equipped devices, and are now standard with navigation. "During the side impact test, the driver door became unlatched and opened. Horsepower and torque can only be fairly compared if both vehicles were calculated using the same SAE standard.

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Such systems as forward-collision warning and lane-departure alert are offered largely in upper trim levels. It is interchangeable with the said vehicle here in U.S.At times, you may have to swap over the sensors and solenoids from original transmission on to this JDM transmission to make it work correctly.Model HONDA ODYSSEY. The addition of the Honda transmission cooler with the towing package still allows transmission fluid temperatures that are too high. Parts are intended for use under normal manufacturer's specifications. Supreme auto repair. Honda spokesman Mike Spencer stated that four-speed models were afflicted with a bad bearing that could break apart, scattering fragments of metal that clogged fluid passageways in the transmission, causing it to shift erratically. We want to send it to you, along with other pricing insights.We will not spam you, and will never sell your email. All models were equipped with active front head restraints, daytime running lights, redesigned dashboard, grille and taillights. It is of low miles and/or exceptional condition for its age This new method slightly reduces a vehicle's horsepower rating and torque due to more stringent testing procedures. But it was required along with a power steering cooler for any towing, or the warranty would be void. Many manufacturers are still using the older standard of measurement. Prior to assembly the parts are cleaned, inspected, polished and Painted.

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EX, EX-L, and Touring models came standard with the updated 'Plus One' jump seat with added storage features Five additional trim levels are available: EX, SE, EX-L, Touring, and Touring Elite. This new method slightly reduces a vehicle's horsepower rating and torque due to more stringent testing procedures. It is of average miles and normal condition for its age. The second row bucket seats do not fold into the floor. WE ARE A DIRECT IMPORTER OF JDM ENGINES, TRANSMISSION, AND AUTO PARTS. The backup camera, previously only included with navigation-equipped models, was integrated into the rear-view mirror of the non-navigation EX-L. The headrests could now be left in place when tumbling the rear seat. Third generation models offered a dashboard-mounted shifter, instead of a column-mounted shifter. The Odyssey offered two sliding doors as standard equipment, whereas some minivans of the time only offered one, a second door being optional. Compare prices and find the best price of Honda Odyssey The television ad campaign for the new Odyssey evoked moments from the film , particularly the to the soundtrack of The Blue Danube waltz. The Odyssey kept the fold-into-the-floor rear seat, an innovation adopted by many other minivans. An oil jet was added to lubricate this gear but this did not solve the third gear clutch problem. The van continued to receive upgrades, such as offering both VHS and DVD-based entertainment systems

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