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Only problem with this model is that the air conditioner needs to be replaced.

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When it's pulled out to engage the brake, it takes on the appearance of an aircraft joystick. This car has gotten me through many tough winter days and handled many house projects from cement to flooring. The center stack is more prominent with a large, raised binnacle for the sound system. We were going to pay cash but they said they would rather I finance it than pay cash. There is a large storage compartment in the middle of the center stack, complete with a door. The sales rep will run back and forth numerous times, always remember.he/ she works for the dealer, not you. The grille seems smaller as a result of the large headlamps and bumper, giving it a look similar to that of the larger when viewed head-on. When I arrived the car had been sold the day before and the girl I was emailing specifically told me she would let me know if it sells before my appointment. The new CR-V's skin is more evolutionary than revolutionary. Make sure you check prices, the price listed online was not the price at the dealership.

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Lots of cupholders and a fantastic sound system Great and reliable car. At the rear, the CR-V has -like taillamps that run from the roof to the top of a more pronounced rear bumper. He was confused and informed me that it had already been sold "like a week ago" and wanted to know who my contact was. Michael was the sales associate that I was communicating with.

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Upon arrival at the dealer, it was immediately obvious the car was NOT in the condition advertised. I have put many miles on it as a daily driver from Syracuse, NY to Utica, NY and all around Utica. Chevrolet repair manuals. As I was bringing up my emails, Michael approached me. My fiance and I just walked away and as we were doing so he started yelling after me telling me I was overreacting and there's no reason for me to be upset. I would definitely consider buying another CRV in any year. The awd is a lot better than I was expecting for a Honda. Lots of cupholders and a fantastic sound system out of people found this review helpful The is 's mid-range.Buy Honda CRV parts online at partsgeek Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Whoever coined the term sport/cute for the class of car-based entry-level sport-utility vehicles no doubt had in mind the when coming up with the definition. Although the CR-V is still relatively compact on the outside, it no longer feels like a lightweight. Drove from Maryland to look at vehicle, told them I was very interested and they held the vehicle until I arrived although numerous other people were interested. He just kept making excuses about how he gets busy and he gets stood up a lot then he added that the calliber was actually sold the day before which contradicted the other associate and still did provide a good enough excuse as to why I was not informed. So we just walked away with the feeling they didn't really want our business. I purchased this vehicle used, and have owned it for a year. People may still consider the CR-V a sport/cute, but it's one that will cast a very large shadow After several phone conversations, we agreed on the condition of the car and price to be paid. His apology was "I'm sorry but I never know when someone will actually show up for an appointment." I had made the appointment only a couple days before and even gave a timeframe for my arrival and where I was traveling from so he'd know the distance. And at the bottom of the stack are simple-to-use radial switches for the heating and air-conditioning system. Test drive review Handy Honda by from Syracuse, NY I purchased this vehicle used, and have owned it for a year. The other slick interior feature is the parking brake lever, which is integrated into the center stack and resembles the passenger-side grab handle. Thank you Johnny Lee ! The vehicle is great condition and an easy going experience at this dealership. But the smoother, more powerful engine is only half the story. From the side, the greenhouse has the familiar three-window design, while the front features larger headlamps and a more massive matte-gray bumper. Instead, he just kept giving excuse after excuse about how unreliable potential customers are. A much stiffer body, thanks to the use of extra under-floor bracing, greatly reduces noise, vibration and harshness and gives the new CR-V a genuine feel of substance. He introduced himself and said that the calliber was sold. There were multiple points of body damage, the sun roof did not work, the hood release under the dash was broken although I was able to get the hood open. Upon first arriving, I spoke to a random associate and said I had made an appointment a couple days ago to see the calliber. However, it is odd-sized and unable to accommodate standard CD cases.

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The sales rep does nothing but try and get you to the dealership, once there you sit around for hours. If it had sold that day, I'd understand or if he gave an honest apology that he had completely forgot and sincerely said sorry, I'd understand. Lesson learned..again..never trust a salesman. That the engine makes more torque than horsepower is a first for Honda. First time in so many words they basically told me to call back because they were to busy to assist me. The name fits, from the cute look to the cute touches like the pull-out picnic table. Do not let them retain your car keys, its a tactic to keep you there even longer.

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Buyer be ware, and remember, you can always just walk away. The totally redesigned interior maintains a seating position similar to the previous model's, with a buslike cant to the steering wheel. The next email I got from her was about a different car and completely disregarded the fact that she didn't tell me it had sold. Won't go to this dealership again, I am excited to find a car somewhere else. Its a old scam, they maximize the profits, they could care less about the customer.

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The value of your trade in is based on black book values, and the used car is based on excellent condition of KBB values. Honda sticks with the externally mounted spare, but now the entire rear hatch is hinged on the right side and swings open, an improvement over the old design in which the rear window had to be flipped up before the tailgate could be opened. When I initially sent an email showing interest and asking a few questions, he always answered promptly and attentively. Great temperature contriol out of people found this review helpful.

Downshifts are much more easily summoned with the throttle, virtually eliminating the previous need to pop the automatic transmission out of overdrive on steep grades.

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Still, the new door also incorporates a flip-up feature for the glass backlight. The nifty flip-up tray returns, and the passenger seat can now be equipped with a center armrest, just like the driver's seat, except on manual-transmission-equipped models. Guy told me he will see if the vehicle is still there and call me back. Great temperature contriol It has everything I need in a SUV! Lots of room. Normally, I prefer a manual over an automatic, but in this case I'd opt for the automatic to get the comfort and support afforded by that armrest. We just didn't have time to drive so far to this dealer

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