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foot facility allows room for Warehousing, Manufacturing and Retail Sales with a huge retail showroom which displays the finest in Off Road Suspension components from CALMINI and sister owned companies Full-Traction Suspension, Hanson Off-Road, PureJeep.com and Anvil Axle The package includes a spray-in bedliner, bed rail caps, splash guards, and rubber floor mats. JEFFREY DWORINI'm probably in the minority, but I liked the Frontier crew cab before it got its beauty makeover. The numb steering is still apparent, however, new tires and all. Even so, if you want the quickest Frontier, stick to one with a manual tranny. has been an internationally recognized manufacturer of quality Suzuki, Nissan, and Isuzu Suspension systems, Bumpers, and Off Road related performance products. We can't say whether this new Frontier will continue to create that strange desire to watch television, but we do know that owners will at least be able to get to the video store a lot quicker. Their interiors have light-gray-colored trim around the climate controls and reversible gauges that change from black-on-white to white-on-black at night. And there is “intentional” turbo lag, according to Cummins marketing communications manager Steve Sanders, who rode along with us for the test drive. This truck has room for everything, storage bins under the rear seats, decent. The new bolt-on styling pieces are beautifully designed, but they deserve to be fastened to something with a more shapely figure. But don't expect the super-charger to turn the Frontier into a sleeper drag-strip burner. All Frontiers-regular cabs, King Cabs, and crew cabs-get new clothes, but Nissan is positioning blown trucks as top-of-the-line models. I did not consider the GM twins, as I did not like their looks and Frontier gave more features for same or less money Prototype Drive Car and Driver Car and Driver Nissan Frontier Prototype Powered by Cummins Diesel Torque to me, baby. CSABA CSERERevamping a product is always a challenge when there's not much money in the till, but Nissan has performed magic with the new Frontier. There's also a tubular roof rack that's similar to the one found on the Xterra sport-ute.

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Ask your salesperson about some items that may be seasonally produced or discontinued. This publication has spilled much ink extolling the carlike ride of trucks and sport-utes from Nissan, but we have always deemed its powertrains to be merely adequate. It was penned at Nissan's design studio in La Jolla, California, and we found only a few casual observers who didn't go for the new industrial look. Helping the blower do its job are larger fuel injectors and a higher-pressure fuel pump that supplies the heavier-breathing engine with more fuel. “At this point, it would almost be cruel if it didn’t.” We agree After floundering for the past five years, Nissan appears to be back in the game. To my eyes the squared-off shape of the original fender flares integrated better with the overall boxiness of the cab, plus the tidy horizontal grille visually pulled things together in front.

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Auto repair shops in redding ca. Moving forward, we will be interested to see how refined this powertrain becomes as it nudges toward something salable. The actual transaction price will be dependent on innumerable variables, from the dealer's inventory to the buyer's bargaining skills, so this figure is an approximation. It turns out that an overly aggressive throttle linkage disproportionately opens the throttle plate when the pedal is depressed. In particular, the mechanically driven blower is appropriate to the duty cycle of a truck, where low-end grunt is far more useful than frenetic revving. “You’ll see why.” Alas, we did, upon our first full-throttle start. Now, the automaker has given us even more to drool over with the Navara EnGuard rescue concept that debuted at the Hanover Motor Show. In the meantime, Nissan continues to taunt us from abroad with the similarly sized Navara pickup truck. What is strange is just how urgently the supercharged Nissan leaps off the line with nothing more than a tap of the gas pedal, belying the mediocre drag-strip numbers. We couldn't help thinking there should be more beans, but Nissan says drivetrain reliability compromised how much power the blown motor could produce. So the engine definitely increases the appeal of the Frontier, but we think the new bodywork will attract more than a few customers. Rate your car on Performance, Safety, Features and more. Yet, the diesel is eminently drivable when operated with some judiciousness. Without the benefit of a drop-clutch launch, the four-wheel-drive manual version could not overcome its extra weight. And while the powertrain itself was rough and in need of a heavy dose of refinement, what we experienced made us that much more convinced that the diesel compact truck has a future here. Which means all supercharged trucks are loaded with plenty of goodies. Of course, we repeated this procedure at every subsequent opportunity-delayed-reaction burnouts are fun, don’t ya know. Certainly, if enthusiasm among the Nissan and Cummins people dictated the decision, a production Frontier diesel would be here tomorrow. The Car Connection Consumer Review Tell us your own ratings for a vehicle you own. With guts and good looks, the Frontier is in the hunt again.

There's also a higher-capacity radiator, a recalibrated engine controller, and subtle modifications to the clutch on manual-transmission models. So it goes today with this business -- everyone’s always waiting for the new model and every automaker thinks it has the best one. In just two years, the Japanese automaker has introduced a revised Maxima sedan, pumped up the Pathfinder SUV, and rolled out the all-new, entry-level Xterra sport-ute. Perhaps the humdrum truck has appealed to a listless clientele, as current Frontier customers say watching television is their favorite pastime. We would have loved to load up the bed with a half-ton of stuff and see how it performed, but that will have to wait for another time. We also noticed a distinct tendency to wander that required constant steering correction. Our quality products are designed and manufactured in-house using a craftsman-led approach to modern manufacturing techniques. For these people, Nissan has revived the old "four-door sports car" as a nifty pickup with intriguing crypto-BladeRunner styling. Realizing that only a few owners take their trucks off-road, Nissan lowered ride heights to improve on-road feel. Hope gas mileage improves Overall Rating Interior/Exterior Performance Comfort and Quality Fuel Economy / MPG Reliability I bought a SV model. Thermal formed from high-impact acrylic with a special UV-resistant layer, they provide extra width to protect from road grime. The engine vibrates considerably, and is none too discreet with its industrial-sounding, spoon-in-a-blender diesel clatter. It’s hardly quick off the line, but the copious reserves of grunt are truly satisfying. Nissan is now hoping that some of the Xterra's success will rub off on the Frontier pickup line, with its aggressive new bodywork and an optional supercharged engine.

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The results are thoroughly engineered products that exceed industry standards in form, fit, and function, thus providing the most durable extreme use products on the market. We couldn't detect a major refinement in the on-road ride, either. Our CAD-generated designs, CNC machining, and laser-crafting produce products of the highest possible quality and accuracy of fit. It combined a jittery ride with backpedaled styling, and only one other truck was slower. The years of suffering with lethargic iron-block lumps will melt away with one shrill poke of the supercharged six.

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This Frontier would give Nissan a compression-ignition answer to those trucks, one brandishing the Cummins name, no less. But not everyone wants to steer a slab of lumbering Detroit iron through after-noon traffic.

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We would have preferred, however, if the large fender flares didn't abruptly end at the doors and if the fake bolt heads that ring the flares were the real thing; it would look so much cooler. On the other hand, the new supercharger sure gives a nice shot of adrenaline to what was previously a real slowpoke, and it makes nifty noises, too For the Frontier we're proud to announce the following new additions. The engine is available with the King Cab and standard on the Crew Cab and is available with rear- or four-wheel-drive. AARON ROBINSONNissan's trucks finally have an engine worthy of their chassis. Unfortunately, the only manual-tranny Frontier available for testing was a four-wheel-drive super-charged crew cab. We confirmed what we'd guessed--automatic versions are slower in standing-start acceleration tests. The revised sheetmetal gives the pickup a RoboCop look that is not only distinctive and modern but attractive, too. The few options that are available include leather seats, a six-disc in-dash CD changer, and a pop-up sunroof

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