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Dynamic auto repair. You searched for: You searched for: PARTS & SERVICE Select Your Vehicle VIEW RESOURCES Find your resources Resources We have many color options to choose from, and some shades are very similar This site requires JavaScript and Cookies to be enabled. Previously, the large size of the ventilation controls reduced the size of the radio, necessitating a slave cassette player or Compact Disc player at the bottom of the console. Changes from the standard Civic included stiffer, progressive-rate springs, stiffer front and rear anti-roll bars, and a tower brace, which contributed to a flatter-cornering ride. Based on the Domani, this version was marketed in Europe as the MA/MB/MC Civic and Civic Aerodeck.

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The gearbox was fitted with a helical type limited slip differential. The hatchbacks, available only in CX and DX trims, were sold as economy cars; as in the US, they had none of the amenities of other trims in the Civic lineup, not even as options. Canadian Civic coupes came in DX, Si, and SiR, the equivalent of the DX, EX, and Si in the United States. The updated cars received a facelift which included a new grille, new headlights, and a new front bumper, fenders and hood and redesigned taillights. Milano red and sunburst yellow color variants followed aftwerwards with silver accents on the center console. Weight was also meticulously removed to create a light weight racecar feel. There are power locks, power windows, a CD player, cruise control, air conditioning, power sunroof, and tilt steering. The later models came with air conditioning as standard. ABS was standard on sedan only and optional on the coupe if equipped with an automatic transmission. The coupe and sedans models also received a slight redesign to the bottom of the rear bumper. As with all Honda models of the age, VTi denoted the inclusion of Honda's VTEC technology. All sedans, coupes, and the hatchback DX had two front airbags; while the CX hatchback had the driver's side airbag only. These came with five-door body and fifty-five litre fuel tank, ABS, driver and passenger air bags, power steering and electric door mirrors, amongst other things. The Canadian SiR also was available in New Vogue Silver Metallic, which was not available for the American Si trim. The sliding air system controls were replaced by rotary ones, which freed up space to accommodate an enlarged radio, which included the cassette player or Compact Disc player. It was available with a five-speed manual transmission only, standard equipment also including disc brakes all around. It included all standard equipment from CX plus tilt steering and AM/FM radio. Middleton small engine repair. This engine featured a hand polished cylinder head, lighter flywheel, redesigned cam profiles, high compression pistons and balanced crankshaft.

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Only the EX sedan, Si coupe and SiR coupe had power locks and power windows, the Si and SiR coupes were the only Canadian Civic trims with a power moonroof. These redesigns could vary according to the country of origin for the car. Canadian trim packages were mostly similar to the United States, though with different designations. All sedans and coupes had a group option package available that added air conditioning and anti-lock brakes.

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Canadian SiR and Si trims included ABS and heated mirrors, which better suited the Canadian climate of long winters, which were not included on the American Si trims. Please change your browser settings or upgrade your browser This site requires JavaScript and Cookies to be enabled. On the pre-facelift sedans, the stop lights were on top of the reverse and turn lights; for the facelift version, the reverse and turn lights were on top of the stop lights. : Available as coupé only, this trim package was specially tooled for higher fuel efficiency. Canadian Civic sedans came in LX, EX and SE, which roughly correspond to the American DX and LX; there was no Honda-branded Canadian equivalent to the American EX sedan - the Canadian-market only Acura EL filled this spot. It included all standard equipment from DX plus automatic transmission, power locks, CD player, air conditioning, keyless entry, and special paint. The Type R was never released into the South African market. Both came with regular front disk brakes and rear drum brakes. As Honda in SA were distributed by Mercedes-Benz SA at the time, many models used some Mercedes trim, such as their leather trim and alarm system on the Ballade and Civic Vtec models. An AMG version Ballade was also released featuring a performance exhaust system and AMG body pieces.

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Power steering was standard on all sedans, and on the coupes when ordered with automatic transmission. UK produced with styling and interior specifications were aimed primarily at the UK market. Dealers also offered AM/FM cassette and AM/FM CD decks to replace the stock radio. The GX trim had the engine designed to run on compressed natural gas. It included all standard equipment from DX, plus a slightly higher horsepower VTEC-E engine, alloy wheels, power windows, power locks, power steering, and tachometer. The later VTi-S models came fitted with the lightweight Speedline "fan" alloy wheels. For example, in some European countries there was no redesign to the climate control area or to the rear of the sedan models. Almar auto repair. Other than this, the it is identical to the regular VTi. The instrument dials on later VTi-S models changed slightly, now with italic numbering.

Auto repair golden. For the interior, the sixth generation Si also had tilt adjustment for the bottom cushion, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, remote keyless entry, and red-faced instrumentation with Si branding.

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With the adoption of the VTi badge in Europe and the SiR and Type R badges in Japan for the sports variants of Civics, the Si became primarily a US-specific badge, a branding trend that would continue in subsequent Civic generations. For the DX/LX/EX Civics equipped with automatic transmissions, the only difference between the DX/LX vs. Please change your browser settings or upgrade your browser : The base trim package, available as a hatchback only. It included all standard equipment from LX plus a higher-horsepower SOHC VTEC engine, power sunroof, air conditioning, remote entry system, plus body-colored side mirrors and side molding.

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A JDM variant called the civic RTi was also produced and it featured either manual and automatic transmissions coupled to a Honda real-time all-wheel-drive layout. Front/rear disc brakes were standard on all VTi/VTi-S versions. The VTI-S improved on the appearance of the standard Civic VTi five-door with a more pronounced front lip and also a rear lip on the bumpers, and different side skirts. The Aerodeck name was previously used on the Honda Accord Aerodeck, which was a two-door station wagon, popularly known in Europe as a shooting-brake

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