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MyBay Automotive is a family owned and operated Do-it-Yourself (DIY) auto repair shop serving the Denton - Dallas/Ft.

Worth (DFW) area. We bring professional quality facilites for self service car repair and maintenance to the person who knows your car best... you!

So, come check us out and start saving money today!

Car Guru

Using Your Senses Makes Sense

When you are in tune with your car you will find that you really use all of your senses. At what point do you start to worry that something is wrong with your car?


Cargurus: Tips To Buy A Car Throug internet

Are you planning to buy a car but a bit confused about going for a new car or a used car or want to compare the prices of different cars to arrive at a decision or…


Anyone Can DIY

Although we wouldn’t suggested a novice jumping into an engine swap (unless you are feeling ambitious), there are several easy DIY projects that most anyone can do on their car.


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